4 Quart Stainless Steel, Square
5 Quart Stainless Steel, Round
8 Quart Stainless Steel, Oblong
9 Quart Stainless Steel, Round
Divided Food Plan
5 Tray Hot Box
Heat Lamp for Carving Station
Small Gravy Boat
Large Gravy Boat
7 Gallon Champagne Fountain
Champagne Bucket, Tabletop
Champagne Bucket, Floorstand
10 3/4″ Meal Fork
8″ Pasta Tongs
9 1/2″ Pastry Server
12″ Salad Tongs
9 3/4″ Serving Fork
9″ Serving Spoon
13″ Serving Spoon
1 Liter Carafe
1/2 Liter Carafe
60 oz, Plastic Pitcher
Large Palm Tree Pitcher
41 oz, Insulated Pitcher
60 oz, Insulated Pitcher
115 Quart Cooler
150 Quart Igloo Cooler
48 Quart Cooler
Keg Cooler or 150 Can Holder
Large Oblong Waiters Tray
Chrome Waiter Stand
Bussing Tubs


(packed in crates of 20)
10″ Dinner Plate
7″ Salad / Dessert Plate
5″ Bread & Butter Plate
Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup & Saucer
Soup Bowl
Charger Plates – Various Colors
Cream and Sugar Set
Covered Creamer (8 oz.)
Covered Sugar Bowl (8 oz.)
Salt and Pepper Set


(packed in crates of 20)
Dinner Knife
Dinner Fork
Salad / Dessert Fork
Soup Spoon
Reflections Chrome Plasticware


(packed in crates of 20)
Champagne Flute *(36 per crate)
Water Goblet (16 oz.)
Old Fashion Glass (9 oz.)
Tall Tumbler Glass(15 oz.)
Martini Glass (9 oz.)


12″ Pebbled Bowl
18″ Pebbled Bowl
24″ Pebbled Bowl
14″ Glass Bowl
Glass Punch Bowl
Glass Punchbowl Cups
3 Gallon Stainless Punch Bowl
Wicker Bread Basket
10″ Square Silver Cake Plate
18″ Square Silver Cake Plate
18″ Round Silver Cake Plate
22″ Square Silver Cake Plate
22″ Round Silver Cake Plate
Cake Server
12″ Cake Stand
Large Decorative 3 Tier Tray
3 Tier Wooden Tray
16″ Wooden Platter
Large Decorative Serving Tray
14″ Round Tray
Oblong Tray
Oblong Tray with Handles
Round Tray
42-100 Cup Coffee Maker
30 Cup Coffee Maker
50 Cup Brewer Polished Stainless
5 Gallon Beverage Server (insulated)
3 Gallon Iced Tea Server